Why is the Germany soccer team away jersey green?

Why is the Germany soccer team away jersey green?
by Darius Kingsford Jul, 27 2023

The History of Germany's Soccer Uniform

Before diving into the reason why Germany's away jersey is green, it is important to understand the history of Germany's soccer uniform. The colors of the Germany soccer team have changed over the years, but the jersey has always featured the national colors of black, red, and gold. The away jersey, on the other hand, has always been green. The question is: why?

The Mystery of the Green Away Jersey

The green color of Germany's away jersey has been a topic of debate among fans and historians alike. There are several theories as to why this is the case, but the truth of the matter is still a mystery. Despite the debate, the green color has become a staple of Germany's soccer identity, and is now as iconic as the team itself.

The Irish Connection Theory

One of the most popular theories as to why Germany's away jersey is green is due to a friendly relationship with Ireland. According to this theory, Germany chose to wear green as a sign of respect for the Irish Football Association, who were one of the first teams to play against Germany after World War II.

The Post-War Friendship Match

After the war, many countries refused to play against Germany due to the atrocities committed during the conflict. However, Ireland was one of the first to break this trend, and in 1951 they played a friendly match against Germany. This match is said to have played a significant role in Germany's decision to choose green as the color for their away jersey.

The Influence of the Saarland Region

Another theory as to why Germany's away jersey is green is due to the influence of the Saarland region. Saarland was a region in Germany that was controlled by France after World War II, and their soccer team wore green jerseys. When Saarland was reincorporated back into Germany, the national team adopted the green color as a tribute.

The FIFA Regulation Hypothesis

Yet another theory suggests that the choice of green for the away jersey was simply due to FIFA regulations. It is said that FIFA required teams to have one dark and one light jersey, and since Germany's home jersey was white, they chose green as a contrasting color for their away jersey.

Why Green Continues to Reign

Regardless of the initial reasons, the green color has now become a symbol of the Germany soccer team. The team has worn green in some of their most memorable matches, and it has become a part of their identity. Despite changes in design and style over the years, the green away jersey remains a constant.

Green: A Symbol of Hope and Renewal

Green is often associated with hope and renewal, and perhaps this is why it has been chosen as the color for Germany's away jersey. After the devastation of World War II, the green jersey may have symbolized a fresh start and a new hope for the future of Germany's soccer team.

Green in German Culture

Green is also a significant color in German culture. It is often associated with nature, life, and harmony. By choosing green for their away jersey, the Germany soccer team may be aiming to represent these values on the international stage.

Conclusion: The Enduring Mystery of the Green Away Jersey

In conclusion, the reason why Germany's away jersey is green remains a mystery. Whether it is due to a friendly relationship with Ireland, the influence of the Saarland region, FIFA regulations, or a symbol of hope and renewal, the green jersey has become an iconic part of Germany's soccer identity. And despite the mystery, one thing is for sure: the green away jersey is here to stay.